Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Gifts

9 days before Christmas and we have not done our Christmas shopping yet.

My husband and I planned on going to the World Trade Center bazaar last weekend. We, however, called it off because we both felt that our bodies would like to recharge. Talk about a stressful week that had just ended.

Anyway, we’re now thinking of the best gifts that we could give to our parents. We failed to give our parents their presents during our wedding so we would like to give them special gifts this time. It’s just so hard to think of the best things to give to them.

I am also secretly thinking of the gift that I could give to my husband. I know that if I ask if what he wants, he would just tell me not to give him anymore and just buy something for myself. I, however, want to give him a Christmas present.

Christmas is really giving me a lot of things to think about and ponder on.

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