Thursday, January 15, 2009


The husband and I decided to get pregnant already. Prior to that, however, I told my husband to give me some time to prepare for the financial aspect of it first. Having heard of the health cards and their benefits, I inquired from other newly-weds regarding the best hmo to get and the benefits that one could get.

Having our decision to get pregnant in mind, I searched for the hmo which offers maternity benefits. Unfortunately, the hmo providers do not provide maternity benefits to individual account applicants. To add to my frustration, the health cards do not cover pre and post natal check-ups as well.

I have decided not to get a health card anymore. The husband, however, encouraged me to still get one. Now, I am in search for the best health card. I have heard of Medicard and Mexicard as the more popular ones.

Can you please help me decide?


  1. Hi sis, I am in search for a card as well. Let me know if you decided on one. But, usually the hmos don't include maternity benefits unless you belong to a huge company.

  2. hm..God Bless! You'll soon a baby!! Whee!

  3. Hi! Have you decided on a card? I'm torn between Fortune Care & Medicard. I have inquired with both and the Fortune Care agent I was able to contact and she was moe accommocating than the one from Medicard. I still have a few months to decide since I'll be giving birth this March pa.